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Online Payment System

Logan Preferred Property Management provides an option to pay your rent right from your computer or phone. With the online payment portal, RentCafe, just create an account and pay from home. Of course, you are always welcome to pay with a check or money order made out to Logan Preferred Property Management in our office. Application fees can not be paid through the online system.


Account Setup

The following link will take you to the RentCafe portal allowing you to find your address and set up an account:

It is easiest to search for your property by zip code. If you have any issues finding your address or creating your account, please contact our office or RentCafe support. You will need to sign up with the email you have on file with Logan Preferred. 


Fees will depend on payment type and rent amount, and are listed below:

Debit Card Payments:

- $0-$999.99: $3.95

- $1000- $1999.99 : $4.95

- $2000 + : $9.95

Credit Card Payments:

2.5% of total 

Bank Account Payments:

$1.95 regardless of amount 

Account Login

The link below will take you to the screen to log into your RentCafe account:

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